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Fire Safety On and Off Campus

Posted by Olyvia Lōse - Web Content Provider on Sep 26, 2018 10:32:40 AM

With school back in full swing, September is Campus Safety Month. This month, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is teaming up with Campus Fire Safety for Students and See It Before You Sign It to raise awareness about the dangers of living in on-and-off campus housing and encourage parents to see their child’s off-campus apartment before signing a lease.

Here at Mar-Bal, we are committed to fire safety. We have an in-house-state-of-the-art laboratory where we control the materials engineering of our thermoset composites. Composites have high performance at elevated temperatures with key features including: creep resistance, mechanical property retention and superior thermal stability.

Fire-Gard™ Waste-Safe™ Fire Resistant Wastebaskets are an essential product to classrooms and residence halls. When implemented with a university’s fire safety plan, the Fire-Gard™ Waste-Safe™ Wastebaskets provide an improved risk management plan. Adding the wastebaskets to classrooms make it easier to contain an emergency fire. Fire safety can be complex, but fire resistant wastebaskets are a simple way to provide extra safety to students.

Wastebaskets-2Proudly made the in USA, the wastebaskets are prepared using Fire-Gard™ and Waste-Safe™ technologies. They are composed of thermoset materials with fiberglass reinforcement. The UL® classified wastebaskets will not contribute to fuel in a fire or transfer heat to components. Moreover, they are low smoke and non-toxic making them a safe choice for student housing.

With the large amount of units in on-and-off campus housing it is important for students to have several methods of fire safety in their location. Working sprinkler systems and fire alarms can work to put out the fire, but our Fire-Gard™ Waste-Safe™ Fire Resistant Wastebaskets work to stop the fire from spreading.

As captured, the wastebaskets are available in a variety of different colors and are customizable. Logos and designs can be added to the wastebaskets, making them the perfect opportunity for student organizations to use for fundraising.

Fire Safety is a top concern at Mar-Bal and that is why we believe Fire-Gard™ Waste-Safe™ Fire Resistant Wastebaskets are the perfect addition to classrooms, resident halls and off-campus housing.

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