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Benefits of Using Thermoset Composites

Posted by Ron Poff on Sep 15, 2016 3:20:00 PM

benefits of using thermoset compositesThermoset composite parts are typically made from epoxy or polyester resins and (most commonly) reinforced with glass fibers. Depending on the application, polyester resin systems can be cured to be softer and more flexible or harder and more brittle. Polyester composites are used across a wide variety of consumer and industrial products from bathroom showers to auto body panels to boat hulls. In the electrical industry, thermoset composites have a dielectric advantage, helping drive usage for both arc and track resistance.

Other major benefits of using thermoset composites include:

Design Flexibility

Thermoset composites give designers nearly unlimited flexibility in designing shapes and forms. They be molded into the most intricate components and can be made a wide range of densities and chemical formulations to have precise performance properties.


Thermoset composites offer lower costs in both cost per cubic inch and raw material cost. When compared to other materials like thermoplastics, wood, and metal, thermoset composites simply cost less. This is primarily due to the fact that thermosets contain very low petroleum-based material. Other materials which have higher concentrations of petroleum are more expensive due to the price fluctuations around petroleum.

Additionally, because they are precision molded, there is less waste with thermosets as compared to other materials.

Improved productivity

Industrial Designers and Engineers are able to reduce assembly costs by combining several previously assembles parts into a single component.  Also, inserts can be molded directly into the part during the molding process thereby eliminating the need for a post-process. In addition, composites do not usually require additional machining, thereby reducing work-in-process and time to market.

Thermal Resistance

Thermosets offer superior thermal resistance as compared to other materials. Thermosets offer high performance at elevated temperatures. Are naturally flame retardant, retain mechanical properties at high temps, and offer superior thermal stability.

Thermoset composites can be found in many different industries, but are especially prominent in household appliance use. Thermosets are ideal for use in household appliances due to their durability. Low thermal conductivity, and resistance to chemical and corrosion resistance.

In addition to household appliances, composites are taking off in the consumer electronics marketplace in products we use every day. Composites can be found in handheld devices, mobile phones, laptop computers and tablets.

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